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       Recommended Equipment For Beginners


Hi There,

I'm going to take you through what equipment i would recommend to a beginner to get them started and once more wont have to worry about any other equipment for a while.

So, i would recommend getting the 'ROLAND MICRO CUBE GUITAR AMPLIFIER' for anyone who wants to play the guitar or acoustic.

This is the ultimate portable amp!

This is a quality amplifier, it is very sturdy, light, uses very little space, easy to carry around & packs a big sound.

It truely has killer BOSS effects including; TONE, CHORUS, FLANGER, PHASER, TREMOLO, DELAY, REVERB, GAIN, VOLUME & also has 6 different types of guitar sound styles including; ACOUSTIC, JC CLEAN, BLACK PANEL, BRIT COMBO, CLASSIC STACK & R-FIER + A MIC INPUT just in case anyone else in the house may get annoyed with the noise :-)

The beauty about this amplifier is, you wont have to buy effects pedals or effects units which will cost you £50 upwards per pedal. This is a cheaper way around it.

To keep you in tune theres a TUNING FORK button which is touch sensitive.

On the rear of the amplifier there is the on/off button, REC OUT/HEAD PHONES & AUXILLERY IN + the power pack input, also a battery compartment so you can take the amplifier to where ever you want away from power points.

This is truely worth spending £70-£80 on as the effects make such a professional sound.


The fender mustang 2 amplifier is the next step up from the micro-cube. With 40watts of power packing a big sound. Plenty of effects to choose from and mix. Also comes with a login to fender mustang community, which means you can register your amp and get regular updates for your amp. Yes, the mustang is in a digital setup situation. Once your all logged in you are then apart of fender and can download sounds that other members have created. This then gives you masses of quality sounds for your guitar. WOW! So, now you can sound like a pro. Having a half decent guitar and a nice sound will give you the confidence to carry on learning.

You can pick up a Fender Mustang 2 amplifier new for £150


Ok, the JACKSON PROFESSIONAL is a very good guitar for blues, rock, soft rock, metal, clean and plays superbly on lead solo's. This guitar with the cube is absolutely fantastic! I picked this guitar up second hand for £200 it really does pay to look around on places like EBAY as this is where i got this guitar. In the guitar shop you can pick up Jacksons for between £350-£2000+.

Also theres the IBANEZ which plays the same styles as the Jackson and also has its unique style which is also a fantastic sound. Price range will be the same as the Jackson.

These two guitars play much easier than cheap ones. The cheaper you buy, the more effort you are putting into playing them, you will experience the guitar going out of tune all the time & the worse the sound.

Through my own experience i would pay a little more for an easier to play guitar. The problem with a cheap guitar is that it can be so off putting when the action, sound & the harder to play it problem is there.

Of course it would be down to what your willing to spend for a beginner :-)

Theres also the 'ROLAND MICRO CUBE BASS AMPLIFIER' above, its slightly bigger than the guitar amplifier.

This is the first bass rx battery powered modeling bass amp.

This is a quality amplifier, small, compact and its loud for such a small amplifier :-)


A RHYTHM GUIDE FUNCTION with a variation of drum beats like, R&B, BALLAD, FUNK, LATIN, DANCE, COUNTRY, BLUES & ROCK. The drums have a separate volume with a start/stop button.

Has a tuner and various bass sounds like, OCTAVE BASS, SUPER FLAT, FLIP TOP, B MAN, BASS360, SESSION & CONCERT 810.


You can plug your cd player or mp3 into this to so you really can have a great bonding with this superb piece of equipment.

With a cost between £130-£150 its worth the buy.

As with the guitars its worth spending a little more for an easier bass guitar to play.

Again its down to what your prepared to buy a beginner :-)

You can buy beginner guitar packs that come with guitar,amp & a few other accessories for around £150-£175.

I hope this has been a good solid guide for beginners gear which will save you an enormous amount of money as everything is built into these amplifiers so theres no-more expense on any other equipment. YOU HAVE IT ALL.





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