Be The Guitarist You Want To Be!

                           ROCK COURSE

Rock guitar has been set up so its easy to understand so beginners to intermediate will progress quickly. Each session you will be learning about the scales and various techniques. You will then be able to go home learn, practice & memorise what you've learnt in time for the next session. Usually students will have a session once a week, this will enable you to study and develop.

Rock Guitar Is The World Style And Has Produced Many Talented Guitarist. This Rock Coarse Will Take You Through Many Aspects/Techniques/Styles Which You Will Learn, Practice & Put Together To Bring The Talent Out Of You.

You Will Learn Licks In The Styles Of;

Slash (Guns & Roses)

Jimmy Page (Led Zepellin)

Angus Young (AC DC)

Zakk Wylde (Ozzy Osbourne) Now In Black Label Society

Joe Satriani

Van Halen (Van Halen)

By The Time You Finish The Rock Course You Will Have The Knowledge, Plus You Will Be Playing So Much Better With Greater Understanding.




What You Will Be Learning;

Minor Pentatonic Scale In 1st Position

Blues Scale In 1st Position



Blues Bends

Common Bends

Combining Vibrato & Bends





Ghost Notes

Moving Bewteen Notes


What Phrases Are And How They Work

What Licks Are And How They Work

What Sequences Are And How they Work

Power Chords

Chord Progression

Minor Pentatonic Scale In 2nd Position

Blues Scale In 2nd Position

Connecting Positions 1 & 2

Repetitive Phrases



Rhythmic Bending


Developing A Short Solo

Major Pentatonic Position 1

Major Blues Scale Position 1

Major Pentatonic Combined With Blues Scale

Combining Major & Minor Pentatonic Scales

Adding Blues Notes

Major & Minor Pentatonic Scale Position 5

Double Stops

Skipping Strings Using Double Stops

E Minor Pentatonic & Blues Scale In Position 4

E Minor Pentatonic & Blues Scale In Position 3

Connecting Positions


3 Note Pentatonic Scale


E Major Pentatonic & Blues Scale In Position 4

Relative Scales



Major Pentatonic With Blues Scale Position 2

Soloing Over Chord Changes

Dominant Arpeggio's

Summary Of Everything Learnt

On Top Of All This There Will Be Plenty Of Licks To Practice With.





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