Be The Guitarist You Want To Be!

 Hi there and welcome

I'm Gary and I teach easy to understand guitar tuition. I have 33 years experience and have performed in 5 bands on my music journey. Music is my heart & soul I've worked as a singer/songwriter and have sat in on local bands when needed.

Have been certified on;

Music Industry Overview, Artist Management,  Book Keeping & Accountancy, Computer accounts and Musically Graded

I currently live in Huntingdonshire in Cambridgeshire.

Here you will find a range of different tuitions, workshops, new, up & coming tuition and workshops which will be very rewarding to who ever gets involved.

Before setting this website up I carefully listened to many people who are taking, looking or wanting to learn the guitar whether its just acoustic, bass, rhythm guitar or solo guitar. Joint with my own vision and ideas I came up with a unique way of coaching which enabled beginners, improve'rs, intermediates & special needs to learn fast with easy to learn tuition. The way I coach will give my students a sense of achievement from there first lesson, this in turn will open the imagination to invent there own ideas. Take a look at the testimonials to the right of the screen.

My goal is to bring forward a range of tuitions to create guitarists and to better other guitarist. Also to bring together all students that learn from this tuition with the idea to create a connection to form bands, duo's or just even make new friends in the music world.

If you decide to join as a member (which is free) you will be updated with the latest news, updates & events.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via the contact page or call the number supplied.

If theirs any ideas to improve this website, tuition or workshops I will take a look at the information given and contact you.


 So to learn more about what I have to offer checkout the rest of my website