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Quotes Having been given a guitar about a year ago, I started like most with a book and dvd, which is great up to a certain extent. But was still not sure if the guitar was for me, also having stubby fingers was causing me problems, having one of Gary's cards I eventually rang and explained my problems. Gary makes you welcome from the start and puts you at ease with his teaching, I have managed to progress quite amazingly. He did mention that I would get on even better with a better guitar, and suggested which one I should consider, Well I went to Simply Music in Huntingdon and ordered it. This has made even more improvement to my learning/playing. Lessons are like the Guitar, get the best, and ring Gary today. Quotes

Quotes I brought a guitar just short of a year ago and tried teaching myself. I spent about 3 months playing every opportunity I could and found myself progressing very slowly and started to lose interest. I'm now on my fourth lesson with Gary and I already feel like i've made more progress in these four lessons than I did learning by myself in three months! My first lesson Gary had me playing the rhythm section of Guns 'N' Roses Sweet Child O' Mine and we're already doing bends, vibrato's, hammer-ons and pull-offs. It's got me really motivated to learn again and i'm excited for every lesson as to what we're going to learn next. Quotes
Very Happy Customer

Quotes I contacted Gary after a business card arrived through my door. I knew that I wanted to understand how to use my guitar and although I had been learning from books I felt that I wasn't progressing nor did I feel that I understood why I was playing this note or that chord. Within two weeks that changed once I started my tuition with Gary. His knowledge and the way he teaches got me using all of the guitar neck. More importantly I started to understand why I was using certain notes and how to play those notes against the backing tracks that he provided. The patterns and positions he taught me opened up a new musical world of understanding. Quotes

Quotes I was lucky enough to be one of the first to attend Gary's adult Saturday workshops, I was getting very nervous the day before and on the morning of the event. However as it turned out I need not have been as we had so much fun. I enjoyed it so much in fact I booked another in December and am looking forward to it. So if you have been thinking about going to one of the adult sessions believe me you will not regret it Quotes

Quotes I had wanted to learn the guitar many years ago but never found the right person to teach me, I met Gary only a few months ago and right from the very first lesson i knew this was the guy who not only is a good guitar player but also a very good tutor, i did not expect to learn so much in such a short time, cheers Gary Quotes

Quotes Workshop Experience - My 12 year old son loved the chance to get together at TGT?s workshop experience last December. He was introduced to other players of similar age and given the chance to experiment with music and play together which he thoroughly enjoyed (he also said he enjoyed the lunch and special Christmas gifts too ) so many thanks to all concerned . Quotes
Trisha Wiggins
Teacher of Pre School Music & Movement

Quotes Experienced player- My son (Age 12) had been playing the guitar for several years and found traditional lessons booked privately through his school stifling, very set in structure and to quote him boring! but since taking lessons with TGT his interest is renewed and he has progressed more than we could have imagined in such a short space of time , he is once again enjoying his music and is even now trying his hand at composing his own ! Novice player- My daughter a novice and only 8 years old had been going to Gary for only a few weeks before she was able to play a tune to a backing track provided by Gary which has encouraged her to try to practice more regularly , she feels very cool and clever now she can play something all by herself ! . Quotes
Trisha Wiggins
Family Learning Tutor

Quotes When my wife bought me a guitar & amp I'd never played a guitar before although it was something I always wanted to do. I came to meet Gary by a leaflet he posted to my house. I explained my situation being a complete novice and didnt know the first thing about the guitar. Gary was very helpful and explained he would try me in a few different styles to see where my strongest point was. After 3 months of learning I now feel more confident playing the guitar. I find Gary a good guitar coach and very patient. 'I'm living every minute!' Got to go! practice is everything! Quotes
Peter Carter

Quotes I've been playing guitar for over 35 years though mainly accoustic. I decided a couple of years ago to take up electric guitar. Whilst I do gig in a "two-piece" I have been unable to improvise my soloing effectively so I called Gary! Over the last month my soloing has improved drastically! Gary has guided me through many techniques and taught me how to get out of my "bad habits". I've found the tuition very useful and would recommend it very highly to anyone wishing to learn or improve on existing skills. Quotes
Company Director

Quotes I've been playing the guitar for about a year before starting lessons with Gary. I was happy teaching myself using the internet as my main resource. It was when I'd learned the basics of the guitar I was getting stuck with how to progress. I wanted to start learning how to solo and improvise as that was a problem area for me. Gary saw what level I was at and then structured the course in a way so I would benefit the most from the lessons. We also played around with my amp settings to get the best sound which until then I didn't know my amp could make. Since having lessons I have greatly improved my soloing and improvisation skills. Every lesson brings new challenges to overcome which really help you to improve. I always come away from a lesson with more knowledge and lots of interesting things to practice and try out. I was amazed how fast I was progressing only after having only few lessons Quotes
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