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                     ELECTRIC BLUES COURSE

The Electric Blues has been set up so its easy to understand so beginners to intermediate will progress quickly. Each session you will be learning about the scales and various techniques. You will then be able to go home learn, practice & memorise what you've learnt in time for the next session. Usually students will have a session once a week, this will enable you to study and develop. You will also be learning to play in the styles of David Gilmour (Pink Floyd), Gary Moore & Jimmy Page(Led Zepellin).

Ok, whats involved in this tuition is;

 Learning Minor Pentatonic Scale.

 Learning Blues Pentatonic Scale.

 Learning The Five Positions.

  Blues Bends

 String Bending.


 Combining Vibrato & String Bending.

 Learning Blues Scale Licks.

 Combining All New Techniques.

 Learning how to combine techniques & licks to create a guitar solo.


 Adding Techniques To Each Phrasing.

 Learning The Major Pentatonic Scale.

 Learning The Major Blues Pentatonic Scale.

 Combining Major & Blues Pentatonic Scale.

 New Phrasing.

 Learning repetition Of Phrasing.

 Call & Response.

 Moving Between Positions.

 Simplified Licks.

 Same Shape Different Position.

 Call & Response Between Minor & Major Pentatonic Scales.

 Percussive Playing.

 Repeating Licks.

 Learn More Licks.

 Double Note Licks.

 Backward Sweeping.

 Punctuation With Chords.

 Combining All You've Learnt On This Course.

On Top Of All This There Will Be Plenty Of Licks To Practice.

Learning guitar licks in the styles of David Gilmour (Pink Floyd), Gary Moore, Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) is the start of your solo adventure, you will soon be onto many more solos from other artists & bands once you complete this course.

At the end of this course you will be able to create/build your own solo's and impress family & friends on how quickly you have progressed.